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It is a new year and most people like to start fresh and move forward with a project they have postponed forever. If you always wanted to be an entrepreneur but never took the first step in this direction, here are six ways to get you in the mood:

1 – Get mixed with other entrepreneurs. There are meetings in many cities and towns that are essential to anyone who wants to open a business, as well to those who already have one. It is in these meetings that you meet mentors, partners and clients.

2 – Learn how to plan your business. There are two main ways to do so, one for traditional business (offline), the other for digital. If your company offers a product that already exists, start designing a business plan. If your business is virtual you’ll need a business model. Start with a simplified model, test it and get direct feedback from your clients.

3 – Create the ideal team. When you start a business, you know what you need to do: create and sell. Know which part of the process you represent and have a partner that can handle the other side. If you try to do both, you’ll swamp yourself in chaos. Find partners that complement your skills, the beginning of a business is exhausting and requires a lot of dedication.

4 – Interact with your target. This is always important, but it’s most important in the first stage, when you’re still crafting your product. Go to fairs, events, conferences, talk to people and show your prototype.

5 – Be aware of the legal stuff. Getting all the bureaucracy ready to go requires time. Be prepared for the legal process, research and plan ahead so it doesn’t get in the way.

6 – Seek inspiration. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to act like one. Look for information and study successful companies’ cases. Read about the subject, watch your competition, get out of your comfort zone and learn from good examples.

Work hard and believe in your project, everything else will come along.

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