What is the purpose of a Logo?
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What comes to your mind when you think of your favorite car or cereal or even your favorite
fast food chain?

If you thought of McDonald’s, it was the beautifully carved big yellow “M”. Granted, the “M” is not
the reason you go to McDonald’s every time you want a quick hamburger, but the product itself.
However, the reason you quickly recall the place when you first had the burger is because the
marketing of the product was spot-on, simple, attractive and most importantly memorable. The
anchor for all your marketing efforts is your logo, and if you get that wrong, then it is a fatal
foundational error for your business.

The most important characteristic of a logo is its ability to stick in people’s head – preferably in
first sight. In today’s era, we are overloaded with content as we go about our day, in the form of
ads, social media, print media and all other sources of information. Most of this information is
processed in our subconscious mind, where we are not paying attention to every minute detail.
However, every now and then our attention is grabbed by a specific element of any content, say
a graphic or text. Intuitively, that information is transferred to our conscious mind and is
analyzed in significant more detail. The purpose of a logo is to be that specific attention
grabbing element, that attracts the focus of our viewer.

Once the attention of the user is grabbed by the graphic, half the work is done. I say half the
work is done very responsibly, because the other half is the real task (and goal of a Logo). A
logo is a message, in the most creative and succinct way possible. It is possibly the most
important message that you want to give your customer/reader about what your business is all
about. It doesn’t have to describe your business (we have a different series on types of logos),
but the most important element of your work. Let’s say you run a paper company that
specializes in recycled paper focusing on green initiatives. Your logo needs to send this
message more than the fact that it’s a paper company.

To answer the question in the title of this blog, we believe a logo is a medium that first grabs the
attention of its viewer (by being unique and memorable), and then provides them with a simple
message that resonates well with the theme/purpose of the business. If a logo can achieve
these two characteristics, it is certainly a job well done. However, with experience of over 15
years in the graphic design industry, we have seen numerous case studies where something as
crucial as brand identity is overlooked.

This is where our team of expert graphic designers can play a role in standing out your business
from the rest. Get in touch with our representatives to get free consultations on your design
ideas. Our logo design may come at a small cost, but our ideas are completely free for you to
carve your unique identity.