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A graphic designer’s head is filled with all kinds of technical knowledge, which can sometimes become challenging to cope up with. From creating an app or designing for the web, to remember the tools and shortcuts, it gets a little too much. Therefore, a little help always comes handy.

We have put together a collection of 5cheat sheets, which you can bookmark for future help. They are available online and you can download it. It can become your knight in shining armor.

Interactive typography cheat sheet:

This original design by Martin Silvertant will bring cheerfulness to your workflow. By using the art of typography, you would have the correct balance of complexity and modesty in your work. It is a design with many specific jargons with highlighted areas to bring up the correct terminology.

Manual photography cheat sheet:

This manual photography cheat sheet from the London School of Photography explains them all; it provides essential tips for better photos, shows you how to pace up your photography techniques from automatic to manual shooting and will help you in taking shots of fast-pacing objects in a clear motion in high quality. Become an expert at taking visually stunning photos with this hack sheet.

HTML cheat sheet:

The HTML cheat sheet is a must-to-keep; it features a full list of all HTML elements, with descriptions, code examples, markup generators, and live previews. HTML is the backbone of web design. You can create impressive websites for your clients, which are responsive and look great at the same time. You just need to get a grip on the cheat sheet and you are ready to roll. Coding will never be easier for you.

AR design cheat sheet:

Grab the Augmented Reality infographics from Wiarfram, which will be a free handy resource for your projects. This digital and visual cheat sheet has much jargon and provides you the right parts that you would need to carry out projects related to AR.

Mobile app design – a cheat sheet:

If you design mobile apps, do not forget to check out the mobile app cheat sheet by Maxim Grozny. You could end up getting some inspiring ideas that would engage your users in using your app. It familiarizes you with different kinds of unique elements such as Android text fields, seeks bars, spinners, pickers, switches, and their use cases,  device sizes and their associated screen, action bar, status bar, and tab bar sizes. It will take you through the four main stages of designing a mobile app – UX research, mockups, visual concept and interface design that will undeniably create something different.