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I have worked with startups and entrepreneurs since the first years of college and I can say without a doubt that the success of a business is directly related to clear communication, a good business model, committed management and most of all, a good product/service.

Innovation in a world where things change fast is mandatory, but if your company can’t offer the newest, coolest product on the market, outstanding customer service is your next best ally.

It is known that a costumer will pay more to have a better customer service experience. That being said, how do you add customer service value to your product?


Reciprocity is the number one thing that counts in a client’s mind. A one-to-one interaction where the company deals with the clients individually, even if they all have similar issues.
There is no formula to a good customer experience, but here are three ideas that will get you started:

1. – Value Feedback

Listen to what your customers have to say. They know what they want better than you do.
Most of the biggest innovations in successful companies were ideas that came from clients. Make it easy for them to deliver feedback and make sure they know how much you value it.

2 – Thank your Customers


Research has shown that a simple thing like finding a penny on the street can brighten someone’s day. It is not about the value of the penny, it is the fact that something good happened to them.
Brighten your customer’s day with a warm thank you. Let them know you truly appreciate their business.

The Helpscout eBook shows 25 different ways to thank your customers, check it out here.
If you can customize your “thank you”, you’ll be on the right track.

3 – Be Personal

Nothing is more pleasant in human interaction than the sound of our own name. Try it on in daily conversation and see how positively people react when you acknowledge them by saying their names.

Show your customers you know them and it will deliver credibility. Your customer will feel confident that you know what they want and will trust you to do the job right.

Always remember: good customer service experiences stick in people’s minds, making your brand memorable and better than the competition. What about you? How do you treat your customers?


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