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Infographics are a clear and effective way to present your information visually to the viewers, it’s been gaining massive attention amongst the digital and print business. With the help of proper tools you will be able to create memorable projects that will grab the attention of the audience. Here are some best online free and paid tools that will help create high-end infographics without any designer knowledge.


Create intricate infographics with the help of Piktochart application which will allow you to use visual themed graphics. It has multiple templates designed in its interface, all you have to do is drop your statistics and select any layout of your choice. It comes with just one hitch that you need to sign up first and pay for its services, although you get a free trial too before signing up.


Biteable is a much different web-based online application where you can make easy marketing videos using quick and easy animations and sounds. You can then share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The best thing about Biteable is that you can sign up on the platform for free.


Mural is an online subscription-based app where teams can collaborate, generate and organize their refining concepts. It provides you with a whiteboard to brainstorm ideas and practice your designs. It empowers teams with effectiveness and efficiency. It’s a great platform to share visual collaboration, inspiration, and innovations as a team.


You would remember BeFunky as a photo editor or a collage maker, but surprisingly it also performs as an infographic maker. It gives you the option to select the templates, customize the theme of your own choice, share images, icons, adjusting the text, colors, and layouts. It’s super easy and free to use.


Want to make your presentations and infographics look professional? Use online Visme’s free tool. The great part about Visme is that it has thousands of free templates, over 100 different fonts, millions of free images and thousands of quality icons. It also has the facility to include videos and audios from your own gallery and the ability to record a voiceover directly too. This gives your stats the kind of animation like no one else.


Cacoo is an online software designer which helps collaboration and project management between team members. It is used for designing and drawing network diagrams and flowcharts, wireframes, UML models, etc. It has a diversity of templates and shapes to help create your projects. Moreover, it offers you the facility of keeping every member in a loop by sharing visuals ideas of your presentations and infographics.  It comes with a subscription of $5 p/month (free trial available)

Now you can easily create professional infographics with the help of these online applications which will give you the power of creating innovative and inspiring infographics without any designer knowledge.