How It Works

The whole process of logo designing is fairly simple yet intuitive and we will be assisting you throughout the project.

Select a logo design package
Select A Design Package

Our simple 5-step design process requires you to first select a logo design package according to your requirement. Our packages offer different level of services from logo design and stationery to website design services.

You can also contact our Design Consultant who will be happy to assist you in choosing the right package.

Logo development Questionnaire
Complete A Brief Questionaire

After selecting the desired package you can proceed to complete a brief order questionnaire which enables us to gather all the required information.

This provides us in-depth knowledge about your business and design preference which help set the framework for the design work.

View Your Custom Logo Design
View Your Custom Made Logo Design

Our professional logo designers process your design information and brainstorm ideas which reflect your order brief and vision to create the best possible design combinations.

In case of any questions you can also contact your Project Manager during the design process.

View Logo redesign
View Revised Logo Design

Fourth step is the revision process which if required includes color, font and other design modification so that the initially designed logos can be tweaked and improved based upon your feedback and recommendations.

We also provide our insight to make sure that the revisions are performed to the best of design standards.

Download logo design Artwork Files
Download Your Final Artwork Files

Once you’re completely satisfied with your logo, stationery or website design we’ll send you the final artwork files by uploading it to a secure Client Center from where you can easily download it.

A notification email is also sent to you when the package is uploaded.

See what our clients have to say about the process.

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