Typography Design

Typography is an art, but this art doesn’t come easy to everyone. Even if you are a serious designer, you may have at some point in your life found some difficulty in designing words or fonts. If given a proper guide of tools to create typography fonts, you can master in graphic designing. Therefore, we have found an assortment of tools that will help you create visually pleasing fonts.


Prototypo gives you the possibility of creating your own bespoke font. To create your customized look, the software offers three basic typefaces – Prototypo Fell, Prototypo Grotesk, and Prototypo Elzevir, whilst the sliders facilitate you to change the parameters accordingly such as thickness, width and serif width through the entire font. Once you are done you can save the files to your desktop.


This is our most favorite, with the fine collection of Wordmark, you can now easily find your ideal font. It’s an online extension for Chrome which helps you choose the right text font for your design.  You can enter displays written word or a whole paragraph and it will preview them in order to choose the right type of font.


WhatTheFont is undoubtedly a lifesaver app. It facilitates you to identify any font you may have found on the internet and if you plan to create something similar to that, all you have to do is grab the image of the font, upload it and then highlight it. WhatTheFont will come up with the nearest matches with the help of its gigantic library of fonts. You need to bookmark this app as this will shine the light in your content.


Emotype is an app that proposes you with fonts based on the emotions you want to convey to your visitors. It has categorized the groups of fonts into four kinds of emotions which are welcoming, unique, neutral and confident. You can select the font based on your emotion. So make a connection with your audience through these fonts.

Discover typography

Looking for something new? Discover typography is perfect for you if you are a budding designer. It comes with inspiring fonts created by the designers Hoefler&Co. The interface is built around the theme such as mobile interfaces and the typography of intrigue (which you can zoom in on) and explore to see spot-on type combinations. These tools aim to find you new ones, and put back the missing sparkle in your project.

Typography is not less than a challenge, even for the seasoned typographers, it could get a little grim. So to make it a little less demanding, these online typography tools will help you do the task.