Design Articles

We see hundreds of products in the supermarkets and online stores. But, do we really intend to buy all of them?

Of course, no. We only look for products that have some kind of strong connection with us or products that go outside the box to exemplify uniqueness through packaging designs.

We all know that customers show loyalty to the quality of a product. However, its packaging is something that makes up his mind. So, yes, your product can only be differentiated through the packaging design it wears.

This led us to reveal the product packaging design trends for 2018.

All of the trends highlighted below have made it to this list because of their diversity and impact. Therefore, whatever the type of product you have, these trends will work for you.

  • Minimal Design

Uncluttered designs have the tendency to grab attention. Because such type of designs has ample of space to envision creativity with a subtle touch of clarity.

With this design approach, you can shed significant light towards the core message of your product to establish strong bonding with the customers.

Remember, less is always more. And this saying perfectly fits here, as staying minimal with the design approach provides enormous chances to make a perfect contact with the potential consumers.

Get Your Product Noticed with Robust Packaging Designs
  • Big and Bold Words

If you want to send out a loud and clear message through your product, then giving the words a big and bold feel will do the magic.

As always, words have the power and appeal to strike the emotions. And, if they are used creatively with the combination of theme-relevant colors, they clearly stand out the product.

  • Social Packaging

This is yet another trend that doesn’t require more effort from the visual depart but makes sure that the product is engaging with the customers rightfully.

The best example to define this trend is Coca-Cola. A brand that definitely needs no introduction, and its “Share a Coke with” campaign beautifully explains that how a product should get socially indulged.

  • Custom Lettering

Designers are passionate about lettering, and customizing your letters in accordance with the nature of your product can assure a solid boost.

Techniques like irregularities and quirky letter details can redefine your product’s identity and help it gain an instant response from the customers.