Logo Design Styles

Whether your logo is going to be bold, colourful, and flashy or based on just a minimal design is purely business decision, but minimal logo designs do have their advantages. Minimal logo designs can be more attractive because of their ability to say more in much less graphics, thus not having a lot of details for the customer to remember.

Every logo designer strives to create a logo that is aesthetically beautiful and memorable. Minimal logo designs fit the criteria, if done expertly, as they are more both memorable and aesthetically elegant.

A minimal logo design needs one or a combination of these three things: shapes, creative use of negative space, and typography. They are memorable because of their simplicity, thus leaving a stronger impact on customer.

For example, Pepsi’s logo is both recognizable and simple. Similarly, the logo of courier company FedEx is unique and simple, while also sending a clear message about their efficiency and speed through the hidden arrow.

These examples show that you don’t need to over-complicate your logo with flashy pictures and colourful designs to send a good message. A minimal logo can do the job more effectively.

Following is a list of creative Minimal Logo Designs that send their message across to the customer in a concise, yet effective way.