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Businesses, regardless of their scale of operation, use multiple marketing strategies to survive and grow in the competitive market. While conventional media has been popular for a very long time, strategists are moving towards digital media due to its greater reach and cost-effectiveness. However, critiques argue that no matter how much technology dominates the entrepreneurial world, some traditional marketing methods will never die and flyers are one of those.

We see flyers all around advertising various products and services. A study by graphic design agency revealed that majority of these flyers are ignored by the targeted audience which makes the marketing campaign ineffective. But why do you think some of these flyers are given more attention? Well, they are eye-catching! A flyer that catches the eye is a necessity given that people do not have time to stop and read every flyer they see. Nevertheless, they often do not mind giving a couple of seconds to something that is attractive.

How Can You Make a Flyer Design Eye-Catching?

Choose the Color Theme Wisely:

The most important feature of a flyer is the color theme that is used. This includes the color used in the background, the text and other features that might have been included in the flyer. A dark background with dark text is definitely not attractive!

This tends to be the first step because attractive colors will persuade the audience to look at the flyer!

Precision is Essential:

A customer will not spend more than two seconds on any flyer. Therefore, make sure that the message you are trying to deliver is as brief and precise as possible. Keep in mind that the aim is to inform them about your good or service and how it is differentiated!

For this reason, come up with a creative tagline that delivers the message. It should not cover everything about your product but should be able to retain reader’s attention for long. Make the audience curious to read more!

Images are Usually Self-Explanatory:

Some of the finest flyers in history had more images than text and it is relatively more effective. Images can define instantly what the flyer is about and the targeted audience will get attracted towards it while text can often be ambiguous or boring depending on person’s mood.

Do not, however, spam your flyer design with images because that could be confusing as well. According to graphic designing experts, one effective image is enough to convert potential customers into buyers.