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We usually talk about logos and how visuals can play an incredible role in formulating an impeccable brand identity, but we never discuss the significance of colors.

Colors, by all means, are the key elements that make or break any design. However, this crucial element of design gets overlooked by many brands and even designers.

Today, we thought to share our viewpoints on colors and what role they play in branding, so that you and all the readers who are cautious of using colors can align their branding strategies accordingly.

But before we get started, remember that the use of appropriate colors in branding can win the game for you. And, this is what we have tried to explain through this blog.

  • Orange

Orange color is a clear indication of energy and youthfulness. It is due to this particular reason orange can’t be used just anywhere. Instead, brands that specifically target young audience can make a splendid use of this color because of its fresh and active feel.

So, if you own a brand that offers sophistication and luxury, then orange is a BIG NO for you.

  • Blue

If any color that is calm and communicates amazingly with a wide range of audience is blue. It is versatile in all aspects and has universal acceptance. Maybe because of this reason, a lot of companies that aim to exemplify trustworthiness and reliability make prominent use of blue color in their visual identity.

Therefore, keeping all these aspects in mind, if blue is the color that can demonstrate your brand’s identity effectively, incorporate it in the best way possible.

  • Green

Green is certainly diverse in nature. It is emotionally positive and envisions nature better than any other color in the world. But, at the same time, this color demonstrates stability, growth and wealth as well, which makes green a multipurpose option for brands that want to express any of the above-mentioned aspects.

  • Red

Red color has its unique importance and can turn out to be an amazing demonstration of your brand for so many reasons. This color represents fire, blood and danger on one hand, whereas it also serves as a remarkable depiction of love, passion and enthusiasm on the other.

We strongly recommend red color, if your brand follows a bold theme that brings confidence and power to the spotlight.