banners and posters

A poster is an important part of brands’ conventional marketing methods as it could help reach a large number of consumers. Despite the fact that most brand managers are now focusing on the digital media methods, posters and billboards still play a major role in determining the success of products.

Posters can be placed at numerous locations and an ideal location is one from where a large number of people pass by regularly. However, keeping in mind that all brands place posters, you need to differentiate and hence the following features are important for a poster to be effective in attracting customer attention:

Color themes play an important role in deciding how effective the posters are. Considering the fact that certain color choice can attract passerby’s attention right away, it is suggested that you must make the poster bright and colorful and choose colors that are in line with your brand’s identity.

  • Do Not Make It Wordy

Wordiness is not only disliked by professors on the presentation slides or assignments. Observations reveal that no passerby would actually stop and read what is written on the poster given the busy schedules. Hence, you must add a couple of effective lines that either delivers the message or at least creates curiosity within consumers.

  • Avoid Complications In Design or Content

As we know that a passerby will only look at the poster once and walk away, the aim is to convey the message on that one sight. In an attempt to make posters attractive, designers often complicate the design by using fonts that are difficult to read and colors that makes the content less visible. Therefore, keep the design simple because that is more effective in posters.

  • Too Much or Too Less of Anything is Bad

Finally, balancing the quantity of everything within a poster is important. Consider an example of a poster consisting of an animated character with a lot of colors and the content on the other side of the poster with a simple color theme.

This will make the passerby see only the character and not read what is written simply because it was more attractive to their eyes. Hence, keep a good balance of words and design all over the poster.