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A logo design is a powerful visual element of any brand. A logo design is an identity of a brand and identity must be unique and compelling. This is because logo design plays a vital role in differentiating a brand from its competitors, making it easier for the audience to recognize the brand and create a unique brand image in consumers minds.

Considering the importance of logo for a brand, the process of designing a logo is the difficult one as well. It requires an expert to spend days in conceptualizing the design, then sketching various versions, selecting color themes and then designing various versions of a finalized logo. The entire process takes an immense level of skill and concentration. The final product of this hard work is a logo that will create a unique brand image in audience minds. This is the reason why designing a logo is not something that can be done for free or at cheap rates.

There are lots of tools out there that are being used to design a logo for free. However, these tools cannot replace experts. These tools will not give you the logo that is worthy of your brand values. Here are some reasons why you should stay away from these free logo designing tools.

Limited Customization

Most of these logo design tools have tons of logo design templates. Users only have the option to change color, font size and style, and text. This limited customization option makes these tools useless in creating a unique logo.

Generic Logo

Almost all of the templates have been used multiple times. Therefore, even if you change color or text, the design itself won’t be unique. These resulting product will be generic. It will be something that some other businesses are using as their logo. No brand with some standards would want to use a logo design that is being used by multiple other brands.

Trademark Issue

Since logos designed with free tools are not unique, they cannot be trademarked as well. Since you cannot register trademark or copyright, it is entirely possible that someone with a similar logo who has also trademarked it could file a lawsuit against your company on infringing copyrights.

Zero Brand Value

The audience will not be able to recognize the brand easily since it won’t be memorable either. A generic logo will neither help the brand in creating a unique brand image in audience mind nor it will be of any use in communicating brand values. All these factors will make it difficult for the brand to survive for long in the market.