Typography Design

The era of “web safe” fonts has long passed and we are now free from relying on Times New Roman, Georgia, Arial, etc. After the evolution of web browsers into today’s lightweight and reliable ones, designers have the option to experiment with various fonts, according to their liking.

With pc and laptop screens becoming bigger and bigger while mobile screens being really small, different typography trends have arisen. Some of the prolonging and interesting typography trends are discussed below.

1. Bigger Screens Means Bigger Fonts

With more screen in a pc than ever available to the designer, it is time to shrug the old idea of sticking to 12px copy. Designers are using the more screen space to fiddle around with bigger font size, making the websites more readable and accessible.

Font size of text on websites has been too small for a really long time. Now that there is no need for it to be so small, designers are realizing that they can make good use of extra screen by making website more readable with bigger fonts.

2. Maturity                                      

Not only the screen size of pc has gotten bigger, internet has also matured over time, especially in terms of typographical trends. Designers focus more on making the fonts easy on eyes, a lot more than they care about it being flashy or trendy.

The noise of flashy and complicated graphics has died out and more emphasis is now put on readability, aesthetics, and getting the message to the reader in the best way.

3. Mobile Readability

More and more people are accessing websites through smartphones nowadays. This trend is not expected to die soon because laptops and pcs are getting replaced by tablets and smartphones more frequently than ever. In order to make the best of limited space, the mobile friendly fonts are iconic and readable, more than anything else.

4. Sans Serif Simplicity

Since the simplicity has become the new popular thing, sans serif has gained more and more respect in type circles. Serifs are the small lines you can see at the end of the strokes of a letter. Sans Serif simply means “without Serif”.

5. Superimposed Text over Images

Text and images used to be separate once, but not anymore. Trend of placing text over an image is more in than ever because it gives off a powerful vibe. This trend is used heavily when it comes to cover pictures and banners.