Valentine’s day is just around the corner and every one of us is going crazy for it. And, why not?

It is a perfect day to do something sweet, special and memorable for your better half. Well, on the other side, brands that know the importance of this particular day consider it as a gigantic opportunity for getting closer to their respective customers.

You, as a brand manager, can also make impactful use of this occasion to earn massive credibility. Don’t worry, we have enough real-life examples to motivate you. Therefore, we are going to highlight some of the remarkable Valentine’s day campaigns of all time which will certainly strike your creative nerves and convince you to think out of the box.

Let’s dig in deeper!

  • Uber – #RomanceOnDemand

With Uber’s #RomanceOnDemand campaign, the online transportation network proved that any retailer, if adopting the right approach, can be a part of Valentine’s day celebrations. On 14th February 2013, the company stepped into the floral industry by giving a subtle transformation to its mobile app and making it a rose delivery service.

Once a user logged into the Uber app, he could make request of roses to be sent to his desired location. For adding a pleasant feel to the idea, Uber, after receiving every order, sent a suited-up driver with a beautiful bouquet of roses to the requested location along with a personalized card.


Technically, this campaign worked out as a solid boost to Uber’s popularity, multiplying app downloads and sending a clear message that any retailer can make profit from a customer-centric Valentine’s campaign.

  • Starbucks – AR Valentine’s Cups

Starbucks’ campaign is yet another remarkable effort that has been incredibly successful in 2012. The famous coffee shop made ridiculously awesome use of smartphones by running its AR Valentine’s Cups campaign.

The concept of capturing image and sending it to the loved ones was quite conventional. But, it added great value by flying fluttering heart-shaped petals all over the screen with the help of AR.


The campaign genuinely compelled customers to download Starbucks app as it was the only way to get involved into this activity. Plus, it wasn’t possible without buying a cup of Starbucks coffee which ultimately boosted the number of sales too.

  • Ford’s Speed Dating Prank

Who doesn’t know Ford? One of the finest automobile brands known for producing top quality cars. Despite of having a huge following, the company didn’t stay back to make the most of this lovable occasion. And, the idea it used is still known for its unforgettable impacts.

The company hired a good-looking professional stunt driver and picked random guys to meet her for a blind date. Rest you can watch in the video!


Although the brand has nothing to do with Valentine’s day, but it did it so well with a master approach.

  • Revlon

revlon #loveison campaign

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Revlon made an impressive use of social media with its #loveison campaign which was intended to promote the lipstick line with a personalized Valentine’s message in the form of GIF. This little yet thought provoking activity encouraged consumers to create custom GIFS and upload pictures with their loved ones to earn a chance of getting featured in Times Square.


The response across all social platforms has been superb, boosting the brand engagement for the month by 16%, according to Sprinklr’s Social Business Index.