typography trends for better user experience
Typography Design

The world of designing has experienced a drastic evolution in the past few years. And because of the reason trends that have been working a couple of years ago will not be accepted today.

Similar is the case with typography as its one of the most crucial components of a design. Typography brings a true essence and feel to the entire concept and helps brands convey a visually appealing message. So, it has to be given equal importance and should be incorporated by keeping in view the latest trends.

Therefore, in order to take your visual presentation a step forward, we’ve discussed some trending typographic styles that have all the strength to offer a better user experience.

  • Watercolor

Watercolor is a typographic style that is trending these days and will stay here for coming years as well. If you want to convey a very fun-loving message with soft and gentle attitude, then watercolor should be your first pick.

Reflecting a personal image through brand is not a piece of cake, but it can definitely be with watercolor typeface. So yes, visualizing such a typeface within a design can bring more life and clarity to the concept.

  • Retro Grunge

A lot of designers and brands are using retro typeface to enhance the classiness and bring more vintage feel to their designs. Particularly, this style is working in an incredible way for fashion brands and restaurant chains.

If your audience doesn’t prefer formal so much, then a combination of retro with grunge typeface can stylize your brand identity by adding more elegance.

  • Hand-Drawn

It’s yet another brilliant style to reflect a prominent yet simplistic image of a brand.

The best thing about hand-drawn typeface is that you can utilize it in any way you want and it won’t let you down for sure. Don’t believe it?

Diet Coke has used this typeface for one of its promotional campaigns with Taylor Swift and it worked quite amazingly.

  • All Caps

If your plan is to send a very loud message with more enthusiasm and energy, then all caps can be an appropriate solution for you. It’s a fantastic approach to convey a message with more appeal because people usually consider visual content that settles perfectly to their eyes. And, all caps have got this ability.