Typography Design

Typography is an important part of a graphic design process. Typography is used to relay your message or communicate with your audience. This is why it is important to make sure your typography is top-notch, up-to-date and readable. To make your typography effective, you need to put extra effort and care when designing typography. While you must ensure readability, you also need to be creative and modern with your typography. In other words, you need to keep up with the trends.

Trends are always changing, especially in the design field. Since the design is always evolving, you need to keep informed with the current typography trends and adapt accordingly. In 2018, some of the trending typography design were big bold text on images or first fold of a website and color fonts. While some trends are still going strong, there are also new typography designs that have started trending recently. Here are some of the typography design that will be trending in 2019.

Vintage Fonts

Some fonts just cannot die. VIntage fonts are back, especially in the packaging design field. Since vintage logos are trending as well, it is obvious that vintage fonts will be a trend in 2019. Vintage fonts give the design an elegant, yet nostalgic and serious look and feel. Vintage fonts are particularly great for design work where the audience are adults.

Animated Fonts

Since HTML, CSS and Javascript have become efficient in creating smooth and seamless animations, animated typography is not a dream anymore. In fact, animated fonts give a more vibrant look and feel to your website. They are also effective in relaying the message completely in a limited space. Animated typography has also proved to effective in UX by using it is micro-interactions.


Serifs used to be considered as only appropriate for print design because there was a misconception that it has poor readability on display. However, designers are beginning to understand how they can use serif in website design as well. This is why serif fonts making a comeback. Bold serif fonts with thicker strokes and proper spacing have good readability for the screen as well.

Minimalism Font

Minimalism trend is still going as strong as ever and this trend has started reflecting in typography as well. Minimal typography style will become a trend in 2019. Sans serif fonts with modern and sleek look are an ideal choice that goes well with the minimal design. This is because sans serif fonts are neither too quirky nor too messy. With proper spacing and size, they can give a modern and minimalist look to a design.