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Typography is not just about arranging fonts in accordance with any specific theme. In fact, it plays a crucial role in setting up a fine tone of any design. It looks like a very simple yet straightforward task. But practically, it involves a lot of efforts with extreme care to blend a type on a page, so that it works as a perfect treat for the reader.

However, typography errors effect the quality of work quite drastically and we don’t even take serious notice against such gigantic issues. It is due to these mistakes we end up with some bad designs that offer nothing but a pathetic user experience.

Therefore, with the help of this blog, we have decided to highlight a couple of massive typography mistakes that should be avoided at all costs to enhance legibility of your text.

  • Confusing Kerning with Tracking

Kerning and tracking are two different things. But, a bitter truth is, majority of designers spend a lot of time deciding over the kerning and tracking in typography. As a designer, you should clearly understand the difference between the two. First, tracking is the spacing between the letters of the word, whereas kerning is basically adjusting the space between characters.

So, make sure to understand the concept and implement them correctly by doing proper justice.

  • Giving Less Importance to Readability

If you want your design to make a solid impact, make it easy for people to read.

It’s alright to play with fonts and types, but making them over complicated will distract your readers. It is due to the reason whatever you do, do it with an aim of enhancing readability of your text.

  • Insufficient Contrast

Since we have incredible software available to make our designs more attractive and reader-centric, therefore selecting a color contrast should not be a big deal. Well, it doesn’t mean that you should pick just any color that is not even contrasting well with your design. As this way, your reader might have difficulty in reading the text, which eventually will become a prominent distraction.

  • Not Fixing Orphans and Widows

Oh yes, you definitely need to take care of these two very crucial aspects of your body copy. These are typographical lingo for words that should be given equal significance to avoid excessive whitespace which effects the flow of the text. But, the solution is quite easy and simple. All you need to do is change the lines manually at breakpoints or set the tracking value to work appropriately with the white space.