Design Articles

Branding is really important for any business, new or old, SMBs or large multinationals. Branding is important so customers can identify your products and differentiate from your competitors.

There are a few elements of a business that contributes to branding, which includes the brand image, positioning, communication, etc. One of the important element is brand identity, which includes name, logo and other visual elements.

For any company, a logo is its identity. It is how customers and prospects recognize and differentiate a brand. It is how they remember a brand. This is why logo design needs to be unique, memorable and timeless. That being said, a logo does need few tweaks to keep it up to date with current trends. Otherwise, the logo might look outdated and old when compared to competitors who might have already updated their logo. For this, brands and designers should be aware of the trends are currently going strong in the industry.

Here are some of the logo design trends of 2019.

Bright Colors in Logos

From dull or monotonous colors to vibrant and bright colors is the new black today. Many brands have made the switch during the end of 2018. More and more brands are expected to follow this trend in 2019.

Gradient is Back

Gradient is back with a more innovative approach. Duotones colors and multi-gradient colors made quite a noise during 2018 with Instagram and Spotify redesigning their logo. They have become the trendsetter for this trend.

Geometric Shape

Geometry has always been an integral part of logo designing. However, designers have recently taken it one step further. Designers have started using ingenious and innovative methods of using geometrical shapes in their design. A simple circle or rectangle logo shape won’t cut out in 2019.


Minimalism is one trend that doesn’t seem will die out anytime soon. In fact, many brands continue to make the switch to minimalism while using other trending design elements. Since minimalism is ideal for mobile phone displays and mobile phones have become a major device category to be used for internet browsing, minimalism won’t go anywhere in 2019.

Responsive Logos

Responsive logo design is another product that came out of the growth of mobile phone internet users. With responsive web designs, designers needed a way to make logo responsive as well. Responsive logo design is the answer. This trend is here to stay as long as responsive web design is here.