Illustration Design

People’s preferences change. There is no room for poorly made designs which do not follow the new trends. Similarly, illustration requires a lot of effort. Here are five big illustration trends of 2019 which can change your game from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’.

Bright colors and simpler shapes

Minimalism is the millennial trend for designing. By keeping things simple, not only are you adding sophistication, but also easing the users’ eyes. If you put too many things together, they will lose their focus. While it largely depends on your target audience, simpler illustration designs usually appeal to the eye. “The most notable trend I’ve seen in packaging design this year is a move towards cleaner and more iconic packs,” says Patrice O’Shea, design director at Design Bridge London.

Choose organic and hand-made designs

The internet is full of stock images and ready-made clip arts to use. However, the beauty of something you create from scratch is different. The illustration that is hand-drawn and crafted by you on a digital medium should give a personal touch. “We live in a super-digital world, which means there are tons of designs that are super-clean, sharp and sleek,” says Andrea Stan, aka Mky, a graphic designer and lettering artist. “But there is just such beauty in a hand-drawn piece, with all of its imperfections. And in 2018 I’ve noticed a repeating pattern in style preferences from clients, in that they seem to be attracted to things that look organic and human-made.”

Abstract designs are in

When consumers see the same type of designs everywhere, they lose interest. An abstract illustration will not only give them something different but is a great way to experiment with your style. It is usually trending for interface design, where it complements the most.“Right now, more and more illustrators are mixing images, textures, shapes, and lines to create fun abstract designs,” says Keely. “It’s a style where anything goes and abstraction is king; it looks great as long as you get the balance right.” Adobe Creative Cloud has also taken an abstract approach to its website illustration.

Vintage and retro style

Ever thought why Instagram’s vintage filters were so in demand? They remind us of the 90s. And since most of us are 90’s babies, we cannot help get over the fact of retro style illustration. You can incorporate it in fashion designs, and other products designed for youth. Emili believes that that right now, 1980s-inspired illustration is rapidly giving way to 1990s illustration. “And this revival speaks directly to their hearts, hitting their emotional chords and winning their interest, as it does with me, a guy born and raised in the 1980s.”