Logo Design Styles

All popular logo designs you know today have gone through various redesigns. A logo design being timeless is not quite right. Most of the popular logos that have redesigned numerous times are still recognized by their customers.

When companies are getting their logo designed, one of their primary concerns is that their logo should still be relevant even after decades. This is not always possible. Different industries have different trends and trends come and go frequently.


Time changes and so does the outlook of people. What was relevant in the 19th century, might not be relevant to your customers today. Even companies, like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, who have been around for more than a century have gone through quite a few redesigns.

When re-designing a logo, first it is important to determine whether your brand really needs a redesigned logo or not. If yes, then you must know few important principles of re-designing a logo.

Best of Your Current Logo

Instead of designing a new logo from zero, first, analyze what is the best element in your current logo. Which element in your current logo represents your brand effectively. Isolate that element and redesign your logo around it.


As you can see, the most effective element of McDonald’s logo is the “M” or the golden arches, which is widely recognizable even from a distance. McDonald’s has kept the golden arches in all the versions of their logo after it was used for the first time.

Adopt Simplicity


Simplicity is most important in modern logo designs. This is because we now have mobile devices, which have smaller screen sizes. For a logo to be viewable on smaller screen sizes, it must not contain visual details. A simple logo is easy to translate to different screen sizes and mediums, like greyscale, paper, etc. Most of the big names have redesigned their logo to look simple and clean.

Be Careful About Color Theme

Colors are one of the most important element of a logo design, one that makes the logo recognizable. If you are redesigning a logo, one that is recognized by your customers and prospects, it would be a mistake to ditch current color theme. Instead, analyze which colors are the most important to your logo. Which colors make your logo recognizable.


Visa redesigned their logo only include a gradient of blue. They ditched the yellow color in their old logo and only stuck with blue, which worked for them.