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Your birthday is coming up, you have made all the arrangements and now all you want to buy the party invitations.  You have checked almost every store in your locality, but all the invitations you found were either too much expensive or too old. So, why not try something different at home by yourself? Here in this article, we shed light on top tips to make a perfect party invitation for free. Have a look:

  • Pick Size and Shape:

The best sizes for the party invitation that you can find on your design screen are the “poster”, “portrait” or “square” option. There are hundreds of thousands of card designs there of different sizes, but if you want to make your party seem special and cool than you must think outside the box. All you need to do here brainstorm some creative ideas for your invitation card design and see the magic.

  • Select Theme:

You must have a theme of your party in your mind. Make sure the invitations you made must be according to your selected theme. You can find thousands of eye-catching themes to choose from the “theme” link at the top of your design screen.

  • Use Different Fonts:

The best rule of the thumb here is to use up to three different fonts in your party invitation card to give it a bit of variety. For the main header, you can pick up the most decorative font, while for the subheader use a 2nd most decorative font and a simple font for the body part.

  • Colors:

You are designing an invitation card for the party than it is necessary that the invite must be of vibrant colors, use contrasting colors that match your party theme.

  • Give Your Invitation an Attention-Grabbing Header:

If you really want a striking invitation card, then use an eye-catching header. Here you can play with funky patterns, bold photos or something that will make the invitation card stand out.

  • Give Your Card a Simple Border:

Once you are done with the designing give your card a simple border. Make sure the color you use in your border must reflect the theme and colors you use in your card. If you invite contains any image than the best idea here is to choose a border that matches it.

An invitation card gives the very first image of your party to the invitees. Therefore, it is necessary that it must have everything that grabs their attention at once and forces them to come to your party. So, without wasting the heavy amount of your party invites why not try something for free and design your invites by yourself that means something special in front of you, your family and friends.