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There are numerous stages that a brand needs to go through in order to reach a point of resonance where consumers can relate to your brand, ensuring loyalty. One of these stages lies under the brand recognition phase, brand recall. Brand recall is when your brand immediately pops up in consumers’ minds when they are exposed to, or talk about, a specific product category. For example, when we talk about soft drinks, either Pepsi or Coke pops up in the mind of consumers.

Why is Brand Recall Important?

Have you ever wondered why brands emphasize so much on brand recall? It is mainly because the world is moving towards e-commerce now and that is different from physically visiting stores to shop. This means that while shopping online, consumers are more likely to search for the brand(s) they recall and choose products from the list rather than scrolling through hundreds of other products.

On the other hand, traditional shopping methods attach more importance to brand recognition because consumers roam around the stores and make buying decisions based on the brands they recognize.

How to Improve Brand Recall?

Following are some ways in which you can successfully improve brand recall:

Think of a Catchy Slogan:

One of the most important brand elements is the slogan that consumers associate with the brand. McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” and Nike’s “Just Do It!” are clear examples of how strong these slogans can prove to be if advertised wisely. Even if you only listen to or read these slogans, you can recognize it is McDonald’s and Nike.

The slogan doesn’t have to be technical. It should be in simple words so it is easier to recall and it should be meaningful from a consumer’s perspective. Nevertheless, how you advertise the slogan is more important than the slogan itself.

Work in Partnership with “Big Names”:

For less popular brands, the best strategy is to partner up with giant brands whose brand recall factor is already established well in the market. This would significantly cut costs for you as improving brand recall may incur heavy costs.

Create an Experience for Customers:

Finally, customers remember brands that offer them an experience and not just fulfil their needs. Therefore, focus on how your brand can be more of an experience by giving them more than just product i.e. after-sales service, loyalty benefit and so on.