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In this digital age, one of the major channels of marketing in social media. Social media has become the top choice of running ads and other marketing activities for all brands, whether they are some big names or small startups. This is because social media is used by almost everyone with an internet connection around the world.

According to Global Digital Report 2018, total popular of the world is somewhere around 7.593 billion. Out of the total population, there are 4.021 billion internet users around the world and 3.196 billion of them are active social media users. Since there is such a huge number of users out there, it is not really surprising why you can find every small and big brand on social media. They just cannot ignore such a huge audience.

With such a huge number of audience, it is not really that easy to grab their attention, especially while there is a huge number of brands there as well trying to do the same thing. The competition is intense and so your brand needs to stand out. One of the ways of doing that is by creating visuals that will make your users click on your content.


As you can see in the above stats, posting interesting visuals is one of the major actions that make consumers purchase. According to another stats, tweets containing images receive 150% more retweets than those without it. These stats are why brands put such efforts in creating custom designs for social media. If you want to create designs that can increase your engagement, here are some tips for you.

Brand Colors

When designing visual for social media, always use your brand’s color scheme where possible. Colors play an important part in expressing emotions. If you want users to engage with your brand, how you can do it without posting visuals that do not relate to your brand in terms of colors?

Text on Background

If you want to post some visuals that have text on the foreground then make sure the background is clear enough to make the text legible for readers. Follow the principles of contrast in design to ensure legibility.


If you want to share some stats on your social accounts, then instead of sharing a long textual post, make an infographic. Infographic makes it attractive and it makes it easier for users to read the important part of the content without spending too much time.

Image Sizes

For the optimal visual appearance of images, different social media platforms have different image size guidelines for different purposes. For example, Facebook has a different image size requirements for display picture, cover photo, and post images. Same goes for Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

Brand Logo

Whatever image you are posting on your brand’s social profile, always make sure to include your logo in it, unless it is some third-party content. People who like your image will share it on their profile, which will be seen by their friends. This will increase your brand’s awareness greatly.