Website Designs

When a potential buyer comes to a business website, the first thing they do is gather information. They will check the landing pages, company overview page and finally, they will take a look at the pricing.

For a potential buyer, often the deciding factor in buying a product is pricing plans. If it is within their budget and they like the product they will most likely buy it instantly. If they like the product, but the pricing is out of their range, they will either take more time to think over it or look for the alternatives.

While it is not often possible to lower the pricing, it is possible to design the pricing page in a way that will make it easy for prospects to decide whether to buy your product or not. Here is how you can do it.

Make it Simple

Cluttering a pricing page with unnecessary details and information is a common, but costly mistake businesses do. Cluttering distracts users from what is important, which result in higher bounce rate and low conversion rate.

The solution is design simple pricing page with the most necessary information, no useless animations or design elements, and a simple navigation menu. When you limit the information to what is important, it will make it easier for users to focus on what is important and perform their desired action, i.e. click on the CTA, to enter the funnel.

Make CTAs Stand Out

A CTA button prompts the user to make an action. The purpose of CTA buttons on pricing page is so users can enter the final step in the funnel, i.e. buying the product or placing the order. Considering the importance of CTA buttons, it makes sense to make them clearly visible.

To make CTA stand out from rest of the design elements on the page, it is important that the color of the button is different than the rest of the theme. It should have a high contrast from rest of the colors used on the page.

Highlight Pricing Plan

Usually, businesses have more than one pricing plans on their page. This is because prospects should be given some limited options to choose from so they can select the plan that best suits their needs.

To make the buying decision for your prospect easier, it is a best practice to highlight your popular pricing plan. This way you can divert prospect’s attention to the pricing plan you want them to buy.