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Designing a post for an event may look like it’s an easy job, but it is not that simple. You need to unleash your creative side to bring the best to your potential customers. Put a little extra effort into making your event successful, especially if it involves tickets. Your poster should speak for itself, and be a blend of your brand typography, color palette, theme, and values. Creating a poster that is visually impressive can put a long-term impact on people, but you also need to convey important information to them such as the event details- but that too, in a subtle manner.

Choose a theme and stick to it

Make your audience fall in love with the poster the first time they see it. You need to establish a visual theme for it. If it is a children’s event, you need to use a colorful palette. Vibrant colors and pictures attract children. For example, if it is a carnival, you can put pictures of the activities which will happen. Similarly, you can use the right typography, imagery, and colors to describe the vibe of the event. If you plan on placing the posters on multiple places or distributing them to different people, you can create different posters with a similar aesthetic. This also works for social media campaigns where different promotional posts can be made.

Consider the readability

When people look at the poster from far, they should be able to read it or at least understand what it is about. This is difficult to achieve, as there is limited space. The readability factor is for words, text elements and imagery. The elements at the top should be oversized and should have an engaging design. Make sure it is bold too. Also, now most people click pictures of the poster from their mobile phones to help them remember the event details later. Therefore, to make sure they get a clear picture; first, print the poster and check if you can read all the key information in the photo.

Key information and impressive visual

State the important event details such as time, place and who to contact. The name of the event should be emphasized. Other details such as highlights, what to expect and passes information should be given too. You will also need a central image, photo or illustration to draw people into the poster design. It should capture people’s attention and make them stop and look at it. A stunning visual is also needed when the poster is placed at a boring wall or a notice board so that it can stand out.