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When applying for your dream job, know that you are just showing your skills and experience on a piece of paper is not enough. You must know how to present yourself using that piece of paper, i.e. your resume. Your resume is your first impression on your interviewer or employer, which is why it is important to make sure that it must make some impact on your interviewer. However, how is it possible to do that using just a resume?

To create a resume that is effective in getting you that job you must make it memorable, clear and presentable. You must design your resume in a way that it will stand out from the rest of the resumes on your interviewer’s table. To help you with this, here are some effective tips on designing a resume that will definitely get you your dream job.

Design It According to Your Profession


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It doesn’t make sense the look of a resume from a designer and a writer looks similar. Both are different professions. A designer’s resume must focus on the visual elements. It is a chance for them to show off their skills. Whereas, a writer’s resume must focus on the typography, vocabulary, and simplicity. To design a resume that reflects your profession you need to give it a look that is relevant to your profession.

Make Details Attractive


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It would be boring to look at your resume if it only contains text and nothing else. Most of the time HR managers don’t have enough time to read your resume in detail. Therefore, to make resume attractive and easy to read, turn the details into an attractive infographic. For example, you can use bars or stars to show the level or rating of your skills. You can display a chronological timeline to visualize your work experience.

Market Yourself as a Brand

A resume is like a project proposal to convince your client, i.e. your employer, why they should give you a chance. It is an opportunity to market your skills and talents. So, why not take this opportunity and market yourself as a brand? A brand has a unified design theme or guideline. Similarly, if you are sending a resume, cover letter, portfolio and other documents for a job, then create a simple design guideline and design all those documents according to those guidelines. This means typography, color theme, heading hierarchy and everything else must be according to the same guideline.