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T-shirt designing is no less than art. It requires the same amount of creativity as designing a poster, a logo or even a banner. First, you need to know your target customers and keep their demand in mind and see which trends they follow. Choosing the color and patterns which will look good on a T-shirt is necessary to ensure that people buy it. Here are some of the ideas which will be useful for designing a T-shirt.

The simpler the better

Most people don’t prefer going with a complex design; they prefer simple designs. Minimalism is the trend these days, use it in your design. Add soft colors for the background while putting a simple logo or quote to go with. You could also keep the background black or white. Also, try not to put so many colors in one shirt, 2 or 3 would do. A complicated shirt could be difficult to read or have issues in printing too.

Placement of designs

You need to be aware of the placements of designs; printing too much on a t-shirt could turn out to be a flop. You could place the design on front center, back center, front pocket, sleeve, and top back center. But you need to remember that putting the same logo on multiple places on the same t-shirt would make it a disaster. You could print the main logo on the front or small prints on the sleeves, or you could go with both too. If you’re planning to keep the t-shirt plain and only printing the front pocket or top back center make sure you go with small prints. Poor placements of design could result in low quality or cheap t-shirts.

The value of typography

You don’t want the text on your t-shirts to be unreadable. If you want your customers to spend their money on your t-shirts, you need to use the correct font for the text. You can even use different font styles in the same t-shirt making it look a little funky. Try to avoid too much complexity with fonts because bad typography could give poor results.

Fabric matters

Imagine it’s a sunny day and you want to wear a T-shirt, but when you go out you feel uncomfortable in the t-shirt; the fabric is sticking against your skin. You need to see which types of material they would prefer, for a movie, sports or lunch. Gender, age, and weather also matter a lot. Keeping these things in mind you need to find the best material to maintain the quality too.


Want your t-shirts to be cool and successful? You need to be updated about the trend of blockbuster movies or series or any famous saying and what your target customers mostly prefer to see printed on their T-shirts. They’ll be willing to spend money on it and could show off in public. A t-shirt of a famous quote or character could be a big hit too.