Menu Card Design

Well, now we hope that you have a very clear idea about restaurant menu design and why it should be given extreme significance to lay a strong foundation of your brand.

Therefore, we believe that this is the right time to share some proven tips to help you come up with a delectable menu design for representing a true side of your restaurant.

After incorporating each of the below mentioned tips properly, you will not only be able to signify your specialties, but will also be impactful in winning your customers’ satisfaction.

So, here you go…

  • Organize Your Information

The point is quite general in terms of design technicalities. But unfortunately, many of the restaurant owners and creative heads mess it up completely. Your first aim should be to compel a customer who visits your restaurant for the first time. And that obviously means, he doesn’t know much about your menu items and the quality of food you offer.

Therefore, consider it as an opportunity and highlight everything your restaurant offers in an organized manner.

  • Use the Items Accordingly

You exactly know which food item of your restaurant is entirely unique and can grab a lot of attention at a glance. Yes, only you know that. So, why not make the most of it?

Placing the most scrumptious food item on top of the chart will enthrall your customers. Not only this, it will set a fine tone by distinguishing your restaurant from others.

Apart for this, make sure that all of the items are visible and prominent to the eye and placed in accordance with their demand, so that a customer finds no difficulty in making his decision.

  • Instead of Photos, Use Illustration

Believe it or not, but using photos on a menu card have become an outdated technique to captivate customers. It is only workable unless you are a big name in the industry and have set high standards of food quality.

Being a startup, you definitely need to do something different and relevant to your restaurant theme. This is where illustration can turn out to be a phenomenal option. The practice is absolutely effective and have all the valid components of defining your brand’s personality.

  • Avoid Using Currency Signs

Don’t let people know how much they are spending because this particular aspect is more likely to divert their attentions.

Studies show that people only spend more when the currency signs are omitted. And why not? It is a natural phenomenon that makes us carefree for some time.