Design Articles

Designers use many tools to edit their pictures and create something extraordinary. Many professionals use Photoshop on a regular basis, however, there are some who are new to the software. The people who are new to the software should know that there some basic rules which need to be followed when they are using Photoshop CC as part of their Creative Cloud package.

So, if you want to become at using the design tool, here are the tips which transform you into a pro in no time.

Name your layers

While you may think of it as a boring task, naming your layers actually helps you stay organized. You don’t need to put elaborate titles, but single words are also fine. For example, you can name it a ‘blue background’ or ‘logo’. The idea is to create many layers which are named so that you can always come back and track your changes, and even make further edits in it.

You can also label them into group folders for further ease. The layers for backgrounds and other solid elements should be locked so that you don’t accidentally move them.

Save paths

The pen tool creates shapes and paths which can be turned into complex sections such as marks and objects. It draws pixels and creates vector paths on your image. The better you are at using the pen tool, the more powerful your skills are. When you make your clipping path, make sure that you save it. Most people don’t realize and have to go back and do the process again.

Don’t stretch images or text

Buttons and vector shapes should never be stretched out of proportion, or else the quality will be distorted. The ones with rounded corner should never be stretched. You need to always redraw them so that you get the right shape and size. The same applies to fonts. You can use filters to make sure that vector shapes can be made bigger or smaller no fewer distortions.

Apply effects smartly

Every effect would not be suitable for a particular image. You can’t always use Color Overlay, Drop Shadow, Bevel, Outer Glow and Strokes to every element of your design. You need to know the difference between each effect, and which image would it compliment. Opt for simplicity and make sure the image doesn’t look too fancy. You should also copy/paste the layer style to make sure that all effects are the same.

Use these expert tips to create amazing images and posters, or any other design of your choice.