Design Articles

While many of the businesses are focused on online marketing, websites, and search engine optimization, we often ignore the traditional, old-school practices that still work. Signage is one of those practices that can help you grab your customers’ attention, especially if you are a local business. Designing a signage can be as challenging as designing a good ad online or more. In order to ensure that your signage does for you what you want it to do, take care of the following signage design tips.

1.      Think Big

Chances are that the signage you are designing will be one of the biggest things you will ever have to design. So the challenges you face will be about the big size. You have to ensure that your signage looks good on big scale and is also readable from a distance. Make sure that your signage, on the whole, is easy to read and comprehend.

2.      Clarity is the Key

Most of the people looking at your signage will do so for no more than a few seconds. You have to make sure that apart from attention grabbing, your signage should also send out a clear message that goes well with your audience.

3.      Color Contrast Helps

Colors in contrasts, if used right, can be very helpful in making key points stand out clearer. Some color contrasts stand out from a distance, helping you differentiate your key points on a signage efficiently, so that the readers can see them clearly as they are passing by. Such color contrasts include black and yellow, black and white, red and white, red and yellow, etc.

4.      Printing Material

An important, and often ignored, part of a good design is the material upon which the signage is printed on. Choosing the right material for your design is important as it has potential of affecting further design choices you make along the way. Commonly, signage is printed upon corrugated plastic, billboard, vinyl banner, etc. Find out about the print material that will be used before you start working to avoid complications.

5.      Location of Signage

The location of where the signage will go is vital to how it will be designed. If the signage will go on a highway, people will only look at it for a few seconds. If it is located in a market, people will look at it for a longer time. You will have to design your signage appropriately.