Start-up Tips

The restaurant industry is one of the most successful ones in the world, especially in developed countries. Whether it is a fast food chain or a fine dining, even a small restaurant serves hundreds of customers every day. This makes the restaurant industry highly saturated and competitive.

Since there are so many competitors in your local area, how is it possible for a restaurant to stand out from the crowd? It depends on how a restaurant brands itself. The branding of a restaurant influence how people perceive the restaurant and what type of crowd it attracts.

Branding a restaurant involves a lot of factors. However, there are a few most critical factors that you need to focus on mostly. Here are some restaurant branding tips to make your restaurant a brand people will recognize.

Setting the Foundation

Before you even start branding and before you even start designing the identity of your brand, it is important to set the foundations.

Start with defining your brand. What does your brand stand for? This will help you decide the unique selling proposition of your restaurant, which will differentiate your brand from others out there.

Create Personality

Every brand has some personality, just like any individual person. This personality defines the identity of a brand. Once you have set the base, next you need to define the personality. This personality comes from the words you use in your messaging. Define the personality of your brand in a few words and then further explore each dimension until you have completely defined the personality. For example, if we have to define McDonald’s personality in three words, it would be cheerful, family-oriented, and fun.

Brand Identity

Once you have completely understood the personality of your brand, you can now start with defining the identity of your brand. Brand identity includes the theme of your brand. This is defined by the color selection, logo design, packaging design and other important stationery items. It also involves the interior design of your restaurant. For example, the dominant color in KFC brand identity is red, which is why you can see this color in their logo, packaging and even in the interior decoration of their restaurants.


Now you have defined the brand’s USP, personality, and identity, you need to ensure the consistency throughout your operations and functions. The wording you choose in your marketing material, the way your staff talks to your customers, the name of your products, and all the other things must be consistent with the personality and identity you have set for your brand. This is how you can differentiate your brand from the rest.