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So, you have started a blog to connect with the like-minded people and share your thoughts and expert opinions about a specific topic. Well, the initiative deserves a big shout-out because not everyone is doing what you’ve planned.

To transform your ideas into a big reality, if you’ve chosen WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System), then you’re actually heading towards your goal with the right attitude. However apart from various crucial plugins, you need one to spread your reader-centric content with stupendous pace.

Yes, you’re almost there!

Your website needs an outstanding related post plugin to accomplish such a critical target. And to do so, we’ve highlighted a list of some best related post plugins for you.

When it comes to related post plugins, ‘Yet Another Related Posts Plugin’ occupies the topmost position with over 3.4 million downloads.

With such an incredible plugin, linking posts relevant to the current articles is not at all a daunting task. Whether you are looking to link your post at the bottom or in the side bar, YARPP allows you to customize its navigation as per the requirement.

If you want to improve the bounce rate of your blog by offering your readers with remarkable content, then Contextual Related Posts is the plugin you should install.

With its tremendous features including thumbnails, custom post types, related posts in feeds, extensible code and extremely impressive CSS style, Contextual Related Posts is the plugin you should use for better results.

Jetpack is the plugin known to almost every individual who is a WordPress user. But here, we would enlighten some amazing features of this plugin that can help you keep your audience entertained with relevant piece of content.

If you’ve just started your blog and the total number of write-ups has reached 10, then Jetpack has the ability to analyze your content for selecting the appropriate blogs/articles to link to.

The good news is that it will never impose any negative impacts on your site’s speed because all the analysis part is done at Jetpack’s end.

The customization options of Inline Related Posts make it entirely unique and a must-have plugin for WordPress users. With almost 20 unique styles, you can display multiple relevant articles in your posts automatically. It’s just because of the reason many gigantic names such as Financial Times and Entrepreneurs use Inline Related Posts to boost their content with delightful user experience.