Design Articles

Finding the right designer can be one tricky business! With so many companies offering their services and many freelancers in the market willing to take up the creative jobs, it can get a bit confusing to select a team that works well for you. Before you step into the outsourcing arena, you must focus on the following:

1.      Objective:

Have you thought about what exactly you want? If you don’t know yourself, how can the designer create it for you? You must spend some time gathering your thoughts on what kind of a design you actually want. Keep collecting samples and ideas which will help you envision your thoughts to the designer. If you can explain to someone like they’re five, you will be sure that you have understood the objective.

2.      Experience and Qualification:

Be wise in your selection. Ask for portfolios of the prospective designing teams or companies. Use your social circle for suggestions and be open to ideas. An experienced designer with no qualification is always a better option than a graduate with zero experience in the field.After all, practical knowledge is worth more than a degree. Check out testimonials from other clients for a better understanding of the work style.

3.      Time:

Be it a long term project or a short term one, you are building a relationship with the designing team and hence it is important to know how much time they can invest in your project. It will give you an idea if they will be able to finish your art work on time and also give you a glimpse into their availability for future projects,in case you wanted to continue projects with them.

4.      Skills:

Does the designer you are hiring have the skills to create the type of work you are interested in? Does his style match your requirements? We wouldn’t want to hire someone with a traditional old school style when our brand screams of modernity and innovation. Again, look at the designer’s portfolio. A well rounded experienced firm will be more likely to serve your needs better.

5.      Budget:

This is the most crucial part of the transaction and it should be presented in a clear manner to the outsourcing firm. Your company will benefit from giving detailed instructions and check points to the designing team. Map out your expectations and present a defined budget. It is good to know of any additional costs and extra charges that may arise, to avoid any surprises.