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madmoon printing company logo

Madmoon style is a printing company which specialize in custom apparel color printing (mainly t-shirts and headwear). They also provide design for printing and embroidery and wanted their logo to depict these ideas in a creative way through their own customized mascot style character design.

We have envisioned their character to represent an angry moon who is wearing a cap and biting a t-shirt with a needle in his one hand which represent embroidery while inks in the other hand which represent all of their services in the design of the logo as well.

They have selected Performance Logo Design package so the snapshot of their business card is also attached below.

Madmoon Printing Business card

Madmoon Style Business card

Note: Free Business Card Printing and Shipping is also included in our Propane, Performance and Endurance packages, you can find more information at our website.