Logo Design Styles

As mentioned earlier here is the final episode of our series of articles highlighting logo design styles and covering different perspective throughout these posts.

In this post the style we will prominently focus are considered bare-bones of logo designing and graphic design in general.

Typography Logo Design:

Typography is an ever blossomed art, you can trace its history in the old Coke logo and newness can be seen in various modern and recognizable brands like Sony vaio and ebay. It plays a big part in making or breaking a design and comes up with a definition “Simple is better”.

Typography Logo Design


Monogram Logo:

Monogram design is an indispensable art that never fades. Most of the famous brands of past and present are mostly recognizable through their emblem, take for example Nike, Disney, Luis Vuitton, GE, Toyota and the list goes on. Its the benchmark of precision when it comes to designing coins and the art of a stroke when it comes to a logo. Hence, the possibilities are endless!

Monogram Designs


Artsy and Inspirational Logo Design:

Artsy and inspirational logos are mainly the product of typography, monogram or both and may also combine real world perceptions, ideas and thoughts which are worked into something which is both close to the brand and adds a feel good feel to it as well while maintaining a catchy yet creative feel to it.

Artsy Logo Design

Inspirational Logo Ideas