Completed projects

For those of you who have no idea about what Windy City Representatives really is, it is a full-service manufacturer’s rep firm specializing in commercial HVAC applications. The company provides heating and cooling equipment in the Chicago area and Southern IL. And, it aims to be the most respected and sought-after provider of energy efficient engineered solutions across the region.

However, Windy City Representatives didn’t have any plans to stop there. In fact, the company wanted to exemplify an entirely professional corporate identity for making the presence felt. Therefore, we have crafted a complete data-driven corporate identity design for living up to the expectations of our client.

Let’s check out the details below…

1)    Logo Designing


By keeping the company’s nature of business, preferences, and goals in mind, our design team has crafted a logo that symbolizes integrity and commitment. It is due to the reason the initials have been brought into the spotlight so that the logo reflects the seriousness and becomes an easy-picking depiction for the prospects.

Apart from this, Chicago’s skyline is also blended creatively with the concept to make the entire logo design an impactful representation.

2)    Website Designing


In order to make sure that Windy City Representatives is expanding its horizon on the internet, we have designed an official website for the company where the prospects and potential customers can go to receive first-hand details about the company and what it is up to.

Not only this, from the technical perspective, we have made sure to maintain the user-friendliness of the website too, as this will help visitors find everything with ease.

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