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Do you think of a logo as a brand? If yes, then you might want to think again because a logo is not a brand, nor it is the company’s identity. Basically, a company’s logo, brand and identity are different from each other and all of them combined create value for customers. If you have a problem with differentiating branding, identity and logo design, then the definitions below might things up:

  • Logo Design: Simply a mark or a symbol through which a particular thing can be identified. For instance, Nike’s swoosh.
  • Brand: A story of combined experiences, impression and emotions regarding a particular product or services.
  • Identity: It simply is the visual aspect that forms part of the business or the company

Each carries its own importance and assist in contributing to the success or the failure of the company. Below is a detailed discussion about these important aspects of a business:

Logo Design

A logo serves as the identity and the medium through which a consumer identifies the products associated with the concerned company. It needs to convey the message that is most closely related to its products or services. For example, the logo of DHL has got three lines at the start and the end which indicates how quickly they deliver your package.

Adding to that, a logo can also help those companies or businesses which are relatively unknown and are trying to engage in a new market or a new segment of the same market. For instance, a new “Oreo” logo would help the company if it were to launch a “Wafer” under the same name as it will assist not only the company but the consumer as well to distinguish between biscuit and wafer.


Branding is more from the side of a consumer than the company itself because it is the consumer’s knowledge, experience and impressions that make up a brand. If you already are in the market, offering some kind of product or service, then you too have sort of a brand. However, this brand needs to be marketed properly through various channels in order to diversify and improve.

A branding can only excel if it is supported by a good logo and carries a great identity. Branding on its own is nothing as it is the set of values and emotions that a consumer carries about your logo or brand!


Identity is an important aspect for business in today’s world. As the digital media has grown; the use of identity has grown alongside it. Identity is all about playing with the visual effects. The better it is, the better are the chances that your company will set up a good, long lasting image of its products.

All of the fast moving consumer goods companies have to play with their identity in order to gain the market’s share. It helps in provoking consumers into buying and as such it needs to be used dexterously to incite them and make consumers want it more than ever.