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In this digital era where trends are changing quite drastically, designing an alluring logo can be an intimidating task. In fact, things might get even worst if you’re not keeping yourself updated with the latest logo design trends.

The reason is pretty simple and obvious…

Every business has its own identity which should be reflected through a professional logo. Therefore, it’s crucial for a designer to be aware of various logo design techniques and trends to satisfy each of his clients.

This is exactly the approach we follow at FMB (Fuelmybrand) and we want you to do the same as well. However for this, it’s important for you to take a look at the below mentioned logo design trends that we think are the biggest of all in 2016.

  • Flat, Flat and Flat…

flat design

The trend is not new to the design world, but its something that gaining a lot of attention these days and will keep on doing for upcoming years as well.

The best thing about flat design is that it doesn’t demand you to go over the top. Whatever the plans you have, flat design will get adjusted quite nicely.

  • Simplification


Sometimes, going simple is the best solution to signify logo as a standalone icon. And, this is what we have seen over the past few years. From Microsoft to Harvard University, a lot of brands have adopted simplistic approach to refresh their identity.

Similarly, if you believe that now it’s the time for you to be more specific, then adopting simplification for re-branding can be a legit choice.

  • Negative Space

negative space design

NBC’s logo is the best example to explain the importance of negative space perfectly. The company adopted a peacock logo in 1956 to demonstrate its color programming, which was something unique and captivating at the time.

Same way, if you’re looking for decency and want to convey your message with a touch of conceptualization, then negative space is the trend you should adopt for your company’s logo.

  • Line Art Design

line art design

The beauty, elegance and uniqueness make line art a playful yet creative trend to follow for branding. It’s because of this reason many restaurants and coffee shops utilize such an approach to stylize their identity and leave an impactful impression on their intended audiences.