Companies work hard to achieve the heights of success. Many are able to accomplish that “Golden Goal” of theirs after a few ups and downs, but many are left behind only dreaming about it.

Successful companies are able to experience unbound growth and success because they make themselves distinguished in the industry. What helps them reach that individuality isn’t their excessive investment to marketing. On the contrary, it is the very common yet indispensible element of their branding that many fail to consider. It is their logo design!

Yeah, yeah I get that! It is not like that every unsuccessful company don’t have a logo which is why they fail to give their brand a unique voice. Indeed, they do. But, what they don’t have is the exclusivity in the logo that makes it centre of the attention.

What makes a logo truly exceptional isn’t a rocket-science. It just takes a bit of creative sense, an understanding of the market it targets, and compliance to some important elements.


An ideal logo design must be able to adapt to its surrounding, be it a billboard, a business card or a mobile app. Its versatility is what makes it highly effective to the target-audience it is created to attract. Therefore, a logo should always be devoid of any components that hurt its versatility and limit its boundaries. As you can see the example below, how the JB Computers and Consulting logo looks amazing across different mediums.


Appealing visuals have the power to stay in the mind forever, which is why it is important to have an “appealing” factor in the logo as well. Plus, it is not just the eyes a charming logo would appeal, but it’s the emotions as well. The logo below is a great example of an attractive logo that charms the emotion of the observer as well.


Being memorable is also an essential factor that differentiates an excellent logo from mediocre ones. A memorable logo creates an everlasting impression that tends to last forever. As a result, when someone talks about the brand or the product, the image of the logo immediately triggers in the mind of the consumer. Memorability in a logo can be achieved by keeping the logo elegant yet simple.


As said earlier, uniqueness is the key to being outstanding in the market. If you are not unique in your style, approach or even in your presentation, you won’t be able to attract anyone’s attention. Why? It is because people tend to notice everything that stands out. Here you can see how exceptional the logo seems with its dazzling appearance and aspects.


An effective logo is what that not only encompasses all the elements listed above, but also ensures its relevance to its theme or brand name. Though some have defied this concept and made a prominent mark in their industry, keeping relevance in the logo can still make a great difference. Here you can see how the entire theme of the brand reflects in its logo.