regional work

Fuelmybrand has worked on several projects where we start with the parent company logo design and then upon client satisfaction complete logo design, corporate identity and branding for all their subsidiaries as well. Designing logos for multiple subsidiaries which falls under the parent company or holding company umbrella requires a good understanding of the business model and ability to match the scope of branding required. Below is an example of African Origin Group for whom we have completed logos for their parent company and 7 other subsidiaries which comes under the holding company.

African Origin Group Logo Design

African Origin Group Logo Design

Upon completing the parent company logo the client wanted us to move ahead and complete logos for other business subsidiaries one by one. As most of their businesses were operated from Africa and specially Ghana therefore they wanted this to be the main focus of the logo as suggested below.

African Origin subsidiaires logos

African Origin subsidiaries logos

You will see that in these logos we have primarily focused the African continent theme and the aspect of unity through the design style as company operates businesses in various regions of the continent. The colors are spread across the design and a cultural feel is added to these ideas as well along with a related business theme.