Technology Logo Design

Logo Designing for IT ( Info-tech ) companies will be discussed in this episode of our blog.

Since the dot-com bubble logo designing has taken so many different paths and approaches by speeding in the same way the technology was going, for example the term web 2.0 specifically came into limelight to highlight all those trendy, hip and free spirited IT companies like twitter, YouTube, Skype etc. which enhanced their own corporate identity and showed the importance of logo in their brand recognition.

The famous collage of IT companies when you search web 2.0 on Google will show how evident these eye candy effect logos have become. However in truth your brand and company may not require whats now considered an overly used dying trend.

The main focus of an Infotech company should always be their business and its important to make sure that the technology and services which they are offering are emphasized creatively within the spirit of product and services which they are offering. Below we have suggested few samples of recent technology based company logo designs completed by us which will show how effectively business can be represented through the design while keeping the name and business offering edgy, contemporary yet creative.

IT Logo Designs

IT Logo Designs

You can find more samples of information technology logos in our logo portfolio as well to view some of our completed work.