Design Articles

Creativity is what stands out a designer from others, but finding it gets a little bit difficult sometimes. In such a case, majority of designers move towards social media, but it’s a huge platform filled with thousands of design inspirations, which often makes complications for a designer to find something extraordinary.

However, we are going to make this process extremely simple for you. And for this, the team of Fuelmybrand has shortlisted a couple of incredible Instagram accounts to quench your thirst for designing.

All of the below mentioned accounts are serious inspiration which will certainly help you come up with astounding ideas to improve your designing skills.

So, let’s start with the first one…

If you have a colorful personality and incorporating lots of colors to the design is your passion, then you should start following Luke Choice. He is the one who will inspire you with each of his Instagram posts.

Basically, Luke covers graphic design, illustration and typography, but the style he always follows is very colorful which signifies natural aspect through his designs.

Having more than 60,000 followers on Instagram is not a joke, which actually interprets the quality and passion of Mike Perry towards art and designing.

When visiting his account, you will come across ample of creative elements to get some solid inspiration. In short, Mike is the person who is a great source of learning for aspiring designers.

If typography is your thing, then Erik Marinovich can turn out to be a fantastic source of inspiration for you.  He is a brilliant letterist and designer based in San Francisco and has experience of working with gigantic names including Nike and New York Times.

Although we never cover street artists in any of our work, but this anonymous guy has got an amazing talent of visualizing his personal thoughts through spray paints, stencils, posters and screen printing.

And because of his talent, passion and creative sense of exemplifying socio-political themes in his work, we consider him as a wonderful source of inspiration for street artists.