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Every brand wants its logo to stand out in the crowd, but it can only be possible when you have selected the right font for your logo. Selecting the most suitable font for your logo is as important as icing on the cake. So here are some tips to help you choose the best logo fonts.

Font according to your brand image

When it comes to selecting a font for your logo, make sure that you do a lot of brainstorming. You wouldn’t want to conclude something that doesn’t match your personality. As a logo represents your brand, you need to be very particular about the font. It should also reflect the brand personality.

Custom font for a logo

You can also consider a custom design for your logo. A custom design is a font style specially designed for your company. If you have a visual idea about the logo it can easily help you create your own font. If you have enough budget and time for this task you can opt for a custom font.

Make it Unique

Everybody wants their logo to be special, and as everyone can’t go customizing the font for their logos, there are other ways that can appear to make your font special. To help imaging your logo you can use different fonts from different software e.g. Typekit , MyFontsFontSquirrel and Typewolf. You can give a more personal flair to the letters using glyphs or special characters and change the stroke or design of a letter to get a unique typeface for your logo.

Color the font or not

You need to choose the color of your font very wisely as once you choose it, it will remain with you forever. A good font can work both ways in color or without color. Once your font is designed you need to try outputting colors in it. Now here you can go with multiple colors, two colors combination, or just some outlining for the letters or no color at all. Make sure whatever you decide looks good and matches the visuals you have in mind.

Keep it simple

Don’t try to make your logo too complex. The best option is probably one that’s the most simple and easy to read. You surely don’t need to make your logo insanely exceptional and decorative.  For example, Pepsi’s logo is a customized font but it’s still simple and easy to read.

Research your Market Competitors

The last thing you want is your logo to resemble your competitor’s logo. Research your competitors thoroughly and see what font logo they have used and try to come up with a more competitive and better logo that will stand out.


These tips will help you make an exceptionally unique logo. Take plenty of time to come with the best typeface for your logo as it can affect your brand’s personality and the message it wants to convey to its customers.