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As a designer, you really need to upgrade yourself every now and then to survive in this massive competition. With this, you will surely come across a lot of criticism from your colleagues, mentors or just any random person who sees your work regularly.

To be honest, if the criticism is constructive, then you should welcome it without having any fear in mind. But unfortunately, we, as humans, are not psychologically strong in most of the cases. Especially, when we assume that things are not going in our favor.

You have to take a step forward and be strong to face all the criticism you receive. And for this, we have listed down a couple of best practices on how to deal with creative criticism in a graceful manner.

Let’s dive in…

  • See What You Can Learn from It

Consider it as an opportunity that makes you realize about the technical flaws in your work. See how truthful it is and make every effort to overcome the issue that has been highlighted. Remember, with every criticism, there comes a real opportunity to learn and improve. So, keep that in mind.

  • Ask for details

Giving a constructive criticism is no joke at all. Many people are even unable to make a realistic comment because they don’t have a strong heart to listen to other people’s opinions.

Therefore, if someone criticizes you, you should ask for more details instead of freaking out.

  • Treat Your Critics with Respect

No matter how harsh the creative criticism is, you need to respect the person who made it. Because, losing control over yourself will take you nowhere. Listen to the critics and show respect as it will evolve you as a mature and more psychologically sound person.

  • Don’t Take It Too Personally

Remember, the criticism is being made on your work. It doesn’t have to do anything with your personality. So, there is no point in taking it too personal as this perception will negatively impact your work.

Final Thoughts:

Incorporating all the above-mentioned techniques will help you deal with creative criticism more professionally. But, only if you use them wisely.

How to Deal with Creative Criticism Gracefully