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Every little detail matters when you create a design. The colors you choose, the software, tools, accessories play a great part in the outcome of your final project. As for fonts, you can’t just pick one without any reason. Each font matters and it can create an effect on the viewer which is very strong.

You may think that other things matter in a brand, such as logo design, color scheme, and content, but a true artist would know how important it is to pick the right typeface for your work. There are many types of fonts for you to choose from.

The font’s personality

Think about what you want your users to feel when they see your typeface. You may want them to feel happy, secure, confident, and maybe hungry? It all depends on what you are working on. The great thing is to make a mood board. It is difficult to decide which type of font personality you are looking for, but you will learn with time. For example, a rounded and legible font can be friendly to people. A confident one can be angular or even in full caps. It also depends on the industry you are working in/for as each brand would have its own requirements.

Visual effect

Just like the personality, the visual effect is just what the font looks like. Tonal is the arrangement of words which are done to portray a message. Both elements need to complement each other. The personality traits you decided in step 1 should be applied here. Choosing the right font can create the perfect visual effect you are looking for. You can also decide what type of arrangement you want, such as neat, sophisticated, messy, funky or straightforward.

Consider the font’s performance

When picking a font, make sure it is compatible with your browser and can be rendered easily. To secure your fonts, you can opt for a web safe font file (OTF or WOFF) which could protect it. To ensure good performance, use a library, just like Google Fonts or Adobe Typekit which makes sure your font works perfectly on each platform. Also, remember that you should only load the character set you need and not all the available weights.

Be on the lookout for other fonts

Always observe different fonts which are around you. That is how you will learn, by seeing others work. See how each type of font makes you feel, and what types of typeface successful businesses are using for their particular products or services. It all comes with practice, but you need to put in an effort to learn.