Unlike any other industry, graphic designing is a way diverse field that requires a person to be extremely creative and productive with his thoughts. If we go a couple of decades back, the scenario might have been different. But, here in this digital age one can’t be recognized in the graphic design spectrum unless he has something unique to offer.

Fortunately, there are graphic designers who have proved themselves with their amazingly incredible and unmatched skills. And, it wouldn’t be wrong to call them a true inspiration for all newbies and even professional designers.

Guess what?

This is what the whole blog is all about! 🙂

We have gathered a list of over hundred of top quality graphic designers and picked four, who can definitely turn out to be a huge source of graphic design inspiration for you.

If you want to be an expert in typography and looking for legitimate sources to get inspired, then Mister Doodle is the man you should start following.

He knows the art of making brilliant use of types in accordance with the theme and ultimate objective.

Whereas, in order to showcase his work, he uses absolutely thought-provoking quotes and bring them to the spotlight with his unparalleled typography skills.

When it comes to UX design, Scott Jenson is the name that can be your vital guide. He is a UX Strategist/Designer and has years of experience working with some big names such as Apple, Google and Symbian.

Apart from his designing abilities, he is also a good writer and contributes well with his pen about UX design for passionate designers and learners.

This company is known as a leader in design because they’ve earned a lot of respect and credibility under their belt through their professional design work.

Formerly, they’ve been associated with The USA branch and now working independently in UK, this company has lot to offer under its belt with inspiring logo and website designs along with a great porfolio.

Laurent is a French Designer, Illustrator and Creative Director. He is phenomenal with his understandings and should be added to the list for design inspirations.

He is constantly active on Twitter and likes to share his daily activities over there along with his current creative interests.