from logo design to branding, how Film That found its online existence
Case Study

In this digital landscape, establishing a strong and compelling online existence is becoming extremely necessary for brands. However on a positive note, this platform is turning out to be an amazing opportunity for SMBs (small and medium size businesses) that can’t afford huge marketing and promotional investments.

If you have just started your business and looking for some serious inspiration, then this blog would be an interesting read for you. Here, we will be describing step-by-step transformation of ‘That Film’, one of our precious clients.

So, let’s explore that how from logo design to branding Film That has strengthened its position in this online world.

The Logo Design Process

logo design of Film That

When the company’s representative approached us, instead of talking about our working methodology and style, we listened to him and his desires. After that, we did a thorough research on Film That’s audience, their preferences and behavior to craft a mesmerizing logo.

It’s very important for a company to have a logo that can reflect its core vision and connect with the audience in the most convincing manner.

This is exactly we have done with the logo. Keeping every little single factor in mind, we designed a simple yet actionable logo for Film That.

Making of Responsive Website for Introducing Film That to the Online World

responsive website developed for Film That

Since the internet is already occupied with hundreds of filmmakers and editors, therefore we decided to do something different for developing a website.

Instead of developing a custom PHP site, we used WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) for Film That. Unlike other software, WP is user-friendly and doesn’t require any technical background.

We could have built the website in a different way. But, we wanted to provide easy access to our client so that he can make changes to the site quite easily.

From website’s theme to its navigation, everything has been done to introduce Film That in a professional way.

Corporate Identity

social media banners for Film That stationery design of Film That

Effective branding leads to success. Therefore, we make sure to satisfy our clients with top quality branding solutions.

Although Film That only asked us to create stationery and social media banners for its corporate identity, but we gave 100% effort for the betterment of our client. Keeping in view the trends and requirement, we did what’s best for the company.

Ending Note:

With a new and captivating website, logo design and corporate identity, Film That is climbing the ladder of success quite astonishingly.