If you want to take your small business to stardom, you need to put all your eggs into the branding basket. Branding gives you the market exposure that you need. It helps you reach out to more target audience, and in an aesthetically-amazing way at that.

Branding involves in every marketing efforts you make, even the business events or gala dinner parties. Organizing a company event itself sounds a bit expensive feat, including the budget for branding makes it even more costly.

Following are some event branding ideas that are great for effective brand promotion, plus they don’t cost a fortune.

Refreshment plus Branding is a Delicacy Everyone Admire

If you are organizing an event or a company dinner party, you have already taken out some budget for the refreshments. Add the flavor of branding to your dinner party to make the event memorable. For example, you can employ the theme of your brand or its color scheme on the eateries like presenting a cake with your company logo on it.

Even the Tableware Can Contribute to Your Company’s Branding

When the refreshment you’re serving exudes the aroma of your brand, why leave the tableware as is. Order some bespoken table napkins, and other utensils that have your brand identity on them. Using the tableware for branding would give the attendees a nice feel of your brand and amplify your goodwill in the market.

Send Out Personalized Event Invitations

Whether the invitation of your event is on a hard copy or a soft copy, you may use personalize invitations to incite attendees’ excitement to attend your event. Best of all designing paper or soft copy invitations cost even less.

Let The Event’s Atmosphere Exude the Splendor of Your Brand

Overwhelm the attendees with the presence of your brand as soon as they step in the event hall or building. Decorate the wallpapers with your brand color scheme, the ambient oozing the majesty of your brand. Using the environment for branding would make the attendees feel as if they are also the part of something huge.

And There is Social Media You Can’t Forget About

Perhaps, one of the most inexpensive (even free) and highly effective way to reach out to more attendees for event invitation or promotion is none other than social media platforms. Start the promotion of your company event on your social media pages. Share banners or custom creatives that are created keeping in view the message of your brand.

Feature Image Courtesy of: http://www.visionevents.co.uk/event-graphics/