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Every work of graphic design has a purpose or meaning behind it. Whether it is a website, a poster, an advert or a logo design. All types of designs convey some kind of message and try to evoke some kind of emotion in their viewer. Therefore, a design without a purpose is a human without emotions.

It is especially important to add emotional elements to your design work, so you can convey the message effectively to the audience. Same goes for a logo design. One of the keys to designing a logo that sticks to the mind of your audience is adding certain elements that can evoke the desired emotion.


Most of the popular logo designs play with different graphical elements to convey a message and evoke emotion in their customers. For example,  ToysRUs logo design has a playful nature, which is perfect for a toy company targeting kids and teenagers.

To create a logo design that evokes a certain emotion, you need to know what your brand stands for, i.e. its nature, and the audience it serves. Next, you need tweak design elements according to your brand’s nature and audience.



First, you must know what segment of the market your brand is targeted at. Is there some specific niche or is the segment based on some specific demographic factor? For example, organic food companies target the segment of the market that is concerned with fitness, wellness, and healthy living style. Knowing this helps in creating a logo design that will resonate with the values of your target market.

Brand Nature

The nature of your brand depends on the market segment you are targeting. In case of organic food companies, the nature of a brand or the emotion it tries to create is related to values like healthy living. This is why their logos contains plant or flower shape and a shade of green color.


Once the audience and nature of brand is known, now it is time to decide the color theme of your logo design. The color is one of the most important parts of adding emotion to a logo design. This is because different colors evoke different emotions. For example, the green color is mostly associated with health and nature. This is why it is mostly used in organic food companies logos.



After color, the next important element is a symbol is a logo design. A symbol is a great way to add a subliminal message in your logo. Symbols, like plant, flower, green planet or grass are used in organic food companies because they represent nature and health. For example, the BP logo uses this symbol which represents a sunflower, which in turn represents energy.